Recycling metals

Wednesday 7 October 2015

In the age of technology and consumption, global demand for metals is constantly on the rise. Although we are aware that mining activities come with significant environmental impacts, we still strive to meet this demand.

One of the solutions is to recycle these metals. By doing so, we reduce the extraction of raw materials to preserve our natural resources and we considerably minimize greenhouse gas emissions.

It’s also important to mention that metals can be recycled endlessly. Take aluminum, for instance, which is 100% recyclable. After it is melted down, 1 kg of aluminum remains 1 kg of aluminum.

What’s more, production using recycled metals requires less energy than its initial production. For example, 8 kg of bauxite, 4 kg of chemical products and 14 kWh of electricity are saved when 1 kg of aluminum is recycled.

From your tin cans to your old washing machine or stove, it’s important to recycle!