The early days

Groupe Bouffard responded to the Ville de Matane’s municipal need for waste recovery. Mr. Norbert Bouffard, president at that time, seized the opportunity and invested in the assets needed for this operation through a company called Matane Sanitaire inc. Recognizing the quantity of recoverable metals, Mr. Bouffard developed a regional collection network through a company named Les rebuts de Matane. As a result, the more waste he recovered, the more impact he made regionally, particularly on the ferrous metal market, generating more opportunities to tender for waste collection contracts.

Norbert Bouffard


Dominic Bouffard


From father to son

Mr. Bouffard’s son Dominic began to work at the company when he was 9 years old. He gained experience in all aspects of waste recovery and ferrous and non-ferrous scrap. After competing studies in administration, he began working full-time at the company. Aged 30, he became general manager of both divisions and at 34 he bought up both companies, renaming them Groupe Bouffard. The registered names changed: Matane Sanitaire became Bouffard Sanitaire Inc., and Rebut de Matane became Acier Bouffard Inc. In 1990, the company seized the opportunity to set up a recovery plan for recyclable materials by the Government of Quebec and invest in a sorting centre in Matane.

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Structure and efficiency

The company’s development is synonymous with opportunity and strategy, and is always carried out in a structured fashion. Flexibility within the company allows members of its organization to respond promptly when there is need for initiative or an urgent decision. Physical proximity and instant communication technologies in the workplace make it possible to contact heads of department at any time.

Qualified employees

As for the staff, the specialized employees that work in the numerous teams have the necessary experience and high-quality professional mentoring. The complementary nature of the companies, both specialized in waste recovery and conversion, mean that a number of employees can put their skills to use in both companies.

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Development and innovation

In 2012, to regulate the volume of ferrous scrap, Groupe Bouffard acquired a company that recovered vehicles and sold new and used auto parts.

In 2015, Groupe Bouffard bought the recovery and sorting centre in Matapédia-Mitis. Following this transaction, the company upgraded its technological equipment to enable the processing of a larger volume of waste in an efficient manner. At the same time, the sorting centre in Matane also became mechanized in order to receive more construction, renovation and demolition material (CRD). This leap forward made it the first sorting centre of its kind in the Lower St. Lawrence and Gaspé Peninsula regions.

In the same year, Groupe Bouffard then acquired Railex Inc., a company located in Mont-Joli. Working within the field of rail transloading, the acquisition of this company will foster the development of Groupe Bouffard.

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Respect for the environment is a core value of the company

With the objective of becoming leaders in waste management, Groupe Bouffard innovates by offering its clients touchstone solutions for environmentally-friendly practices. Its experience, know-how and resources enable it to offer a wide range of services that respect the environment.