Recycling auto parts: an ecological alternative!

Monday 7 September 2015

Do you know that you can “go green” when you have your car repaired? In fact, the Quebec association of auto recycling centers (ARPAQ), of which Remorquage et Récupération St-Laurent is a member, set up the Green Recycler Parts program.
This program encourages consumers to use auto parts that come from recycled vehicles. These parts are guaranteed and are of high quality.
After creating this project, one thing became clear: all too many auto parts end up in landfills despite the fact that they are still in very good condition. By reusing them, not only do we save money, we help lower pollution and reduce the energy needed to make new parts. By using recycled auto parts and demanding “green” parts, we are acting responsibly to help protect the planet.
On a similar note, you can also get rid of your old car by selling it to an autorecycling centre, such as Remorquage et Récupération St-Laurent. Your car will be dismantled in accordance with the environmental norms. The parts will then be recycled and resold as spare parts or for their metal. Other motorists will in turn go green by reusing these parts to repair their vehicle.